Chlorine-free pool chemistry: Yes or no?


Unpleasant smell, burning eyes or even rash. You may get all these symptoms by swimming in a pool which has been treated with chlorine. Chlorine is an aggressive gas and disinfectants, which contain chlorine, are the most widely used to treat water in swimming pools. However, a chlorine-free chemistry is becoming more and more popular.

Are you aware of the risks of chlorine?

Chlorine kills bacteria, has oxidizing effects, but is not an ideal disinfectant for swimming pools because it reacts with organic compounds, bounds with them and causes irritation or allergies. In addition to negative effects on human health, chlorine also destroys pool surfaces and even stainless steel components. As mentioned before, an alternative to chlorine pool chemistry has been steadily emerging. There are several options how to use chlorine-free disinfectants, such as ozone, a UV lamp or oxygen-based products. However, none of those alternative solutions can deal with all issues and some may even be dangerous. It seems that a polymer-based approach is the most suitable alternative to chlorine water treatment.

The new future of swimming pools

A chlorine-free chemistry is suitable for people suffering from eczemas, asthmas or allergies and it is also better suited for children. These products do not contain phenols, esters or acids and have a neutral pH – 7. Chlorine-free pool chemistry is also less aggressive to your swimming pool and it does not cause metal part corrosion. For example, GUAA products are popular thanks to their the ability to maintain water clean, while offering an excellent price/quality ratio. They are also available in many locations.

Bezchlórové přípravky i do dětských bazénů

Výrobci polymerové dezinfekce se využívají nejen do bazénu, ale i jako bezhlavá dezinfekce do vířivek. Přípravky od značky GUAA jsou dokonce vhodné do dětských nafukovacích bazénů. V případě těchto malých dětských bazénů, rodiče často podceňují nedezinfikované vodu. Bakterie se zde však tvoří taky, proto je třeba ji dezinfikovat. Použijte polymerový prostředek určený pro speciálně pro děti.

Chlorine-free products for children’s pools

Polymer disinfectant manufacturers offer products not only for swimming pools, but also for whirlpools. GUAA products are even suitable for children’s inflatable pools. Small children’s pools are often filled with untreated water but bacteria form here too and parents are not even aware of it. Use a polymer product designed specifically for children’s pools.

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