Blackberries: The following processing methods seem to be the most effective


Blackberries are very strong this year, so let us take a look at some methods that are used to preserve and store them. Most likely, you will not be able to eat all the fruits from all your bushes in your garden, right? Well, this also applies to other crops which are plentiful this year. But still keep in mind that using raw fruits is still the best way to go. There are many uses for fresh fruits. For example, use fresh fruit to decorate ice cream cups, cakes, make smoothies or various fruit salads , and if you cannot deal with fresh fruits anymore you can make marmalade or jelly and use them in various pastries.But we shall take a look at other processing methods.

Using heat to process blackberries

Traditionally, blackberries are used to make excellent drinks, syrups, liqueurs or compotes. Blackberries are an excellent in combination with apples for example. If you make a jam from blackberries and apples the colour becomes more vivid and the taste is more pronounced. Another good idea is to combine blackberries with black elderberry. The colour will not change much but the taste will.

BerriesPhoto: Pixabay

Dry blackberries

Drying blackberries is an excellent way to present them, even though vitamin C is largely lost through the drying process, but antioxidant properties of flavonoids will remain the same. You can dry individual fruits or you may try drying blackberry cakes. Mix the fruits and then spread the mixture to form a thin layer and dry it for 6 to 12 hours at a temperature ranging from 50 to 55 °C. The dried cake will not be sticky.

smoothiePhoto: Pixabay

Freezing and freeze drying

You can also freeze blackberries in a freezer. We recommend placing blackberries on a large plate or tray and freeze them thoroughly. Only then you should put them into a bag and place them back in the freezer. This will ensure that they will not stick together and will not create funny shapes. You may also try freeze-drying, so-called lyophilization. However, you probably won’t be able to do it at home. An interesting preservation method is to make a blackberry chutney.

Blackberries: Photo Pixabay

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