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Summer is a great time. No doubt about that. But hot summer may bring problems too, for example in the form of various insects. Too many mosquitoes can really torture us and common ticks can even be dangerous to our health. In Central Europe we have mostly common ticks and vole ticks. It is not easy to protect ourselves against them. Sure, we use all kinds of repellents, but what about if you want to fight these insects naturally right in your garden? Well, you should bet on natural repellents in the form of various plants and herbs. So, which natural remedies will do the trick?


Do you love the beauty and scent of carnations? This traditional flower can also be used as a natural repellent. This is how you do it. Put the flowers in a container and pour hot water in and let it sit for some time. Use the extract as a great natural repellent.

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A repellent from this herb is made in a similar way. Boil water for a while and then let it sit. Then pour rosemary into the pot. After it all cools down, drain the mixture, add a teaspoon of wine vinegar and that’s it.

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Mosquitoes just hate the smell of lemongrass so you will use it to prepare your natural repellent. Mix crushed lemongrass with olive oil in a container and let it sit for about two weeks in a very dark place, and then feel free to use it. Just be careful with your clothes.

Lovage is Not Only For Soups

Lovage is a very popular herb. To make your repellent crush leaves and then rub them on your skin and you should get rid of intrusive insects. Well, let us know how well it worked.

Great Garlic

Garlic, of course is a powerful life-stimulator. This time try mixing it with beer and you will get a perfect mixture that can repel both mosquitoes and ticks. Ticks are not very fond of vitamin B, and beer has plenty of it.

Mix of fennel, cloves and thyme

Mix these aromatic herbs with olive oil and store the mixture for a long time in a dark place. Then apply the extract on your skin and you should be protected.

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