Apricots grown on your balcony? Yes, it is possible. Try miniature apricots

Miniature apricots

Not everyone is lucky to have own garden to grow own fruits and veggies but there are many gardeners who successfully grow fruits and vegetables on their balcony. These fruits include strawberries, tomatoes and some types of lettuce. Now there are also dwarf types of fruit trees, such as mini apricots, and they are gaining popularity among people who do not have their own garden. These dwarf trees only need a little space on your balcony or terrace.

Root preparation

First, you need to properly prepare the root system of your dwarf tree. Before planting, soak the root system in water to ensure that the roots absorb enough water and make the transplanting easier. Remove all dead parts from the roots – use scissor. When done shorten the roots little to revive the vessels through which the tree will draw water.

Miniature apricots

Photo: Pixabay

Substrate preparation

Make sure that the container where you want to plant the dwarf tree is big enough. Put a layer of stones on the bottom and cover them with broken twigs. Then add a layer of mixed soil.

A regular garden soil needs to be mixed with river sand or the substrate you bought to make it lighter. Add fertilizer and place the tree in the container.


Pour the prepared soil around the tree. Press lightly to remove any air pockets. Fill the soil gradually around to make the tree stand straight. First, cover the roots, add water (water will help you remove air pockets), and fill the container with soil – roughly two thirds, and add water again. Press the soil down and finally, fill it up to the edge of the container. The last layer is mulch, preferably crushed bark, which will keep the moisture in the container and prevent the soil from washing out during watering.

Preview photo: Pixabay

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