You don’t actually need an insect hotel. There are other ways to make insect feel at home in your garden

Insect hotels

Insect hotels are popping out like mushrooms. They seem to be rather fashionable. Various insect houses or shelters are available from many hobby markets but you can make one by yourself. All you need is a few skills and old planks you find at home. Let us be honest, installing an artificial-looking piece in your garden might not be the best thing anyway. Especially, if you can use old and natural materials.

This does not mean that we completely reject “artificial” insect hotels. Not at all. They could look good in many places. But why buy something that might not be the best thing when you can have fun making it?

Any good-old wood will make beetles happy

That is right. Just few old trunks, placed on the ground or standing upright. And that’s it. Basically, any garden “scrap” will do. But if you want to build a real insect hotel, you should follow a few rules.

Insect hotels

Photo: Pixabay

Hard wood is best because it lasts long. Especially oak, which is very popular among many endangered bug species but a simple torso of an old apple tree will do too. Just cut off branches for safety. Or you can use a large log that you have for your fireplace. You got the point. But keep in mind, the more shelters you provide, the happier the insect will be.

If at all possible, place the hotel in a well-lit area. Bugs will appreciate it because these types of shelters are often hard to find in forests. But if you cannot or you don’t want to do it, shadowy spot will work fine and plenty of tenants should move in pretty soon.

What to watch out for

If you bury standing logs in the ground, check their stability from time to time. Large piles of logs can become loose. The bugs don’t mind of course, just think about your safety. Especially little children. A well-designed hotel should provide both – fun for children and a natural habitat for bugs . You may also add a new piece to the structure from time to time. Just to make it more interesting.

Over time you will notice that not only bugs, but also lizards or small birds play or even live in your hotel. And if you create suitable holes in trunks, solitary bees will love you and you will be blessed for doing a good deed. Solitary bees are endangered species you know.

Preview photo: Pixabay

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