You can start growing petunias right now


Petunias are truly beautiful flowers and look great on your balcony or in your garden. Growing is not difficult at all and if you want to save money, you can pre-grow petunias yourself. There are plenty of colours to choose from so, it is really up to you what colour combination you choose. If you want to grow from seeds, you will have many options to choose from, definitely more than if you buy pre-grown petunias from a garden centre.

Choose the correct soil

Well, the truth is that any substrate intended for seed sowing sold in any flower shop or gardening centre will do. If you do not have a special seed tray, take any tray or cup. Fill it with the substrate and sprinkle selected petunia seeds on top of it . Even though the seeds are tiny, try to distribute them evenly. Do not cover the seeds with soil. Just leave them sitting on the surface.


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When you are done sowing, you need to choose a place that is bright and warm enough (a windowsill is ideal). If you want to create ideal conditions, place a glass or a transparent plastic container on top of the container with the seeds. This will speed up the germination process . As soon as the seedlings reach the glass top, you need to remove it otherwise they would stop growing. You should also remove the top for at least a few minutes each day to prevent mould. The ideal temperature for germination and growth is around 20 °C. Use a sprayer to water the seeds and keep the soil moist but not soggy.´


First, you should remove the weakest seedlings. Further, if you feel that the petunias are growing too close to each other, divide them into several containers. Do that after the first true leaves appear. About two weeks after germination you may lower the ambient temperature down to around 16 °C and you may transplant sufficiently strong seedlings into their final flowerpots. Before doing so, shorten the roots by about one third. You may move petunias outside only after there is no danger of frost.

Sun and sun again

Petunias will thrive in a sunny spot but they do well in a shady spot too – but they will bloom much less. Further, make sure that petunias are not exposed to strong wind or rain.

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