You can lose vital vitamins if you prepare lemon water incorrectly

Lemon water

What is your favourite drink at home and what is almost always on the table in a restaurant, or outdoor sittings? Well, if you guessed a glass of lemon water you right. And it is not only because of its excellent refreshing properties, but also because it is loaded with vitamins. It would seem that preparing lemon water is easy and there is nothing to mess up. But the opposite is true. In this article, we will show you that you can lose plenty of vitamins during the preparation process and you don’t want.

Lemon peel plays an important role

Lemon water is usually made by squeezing lemon juice and mixing it with water. Not the best way. A lot of people forget about the lemon peel, which is as full of vitamins as well. Water with lemon juice and peel will refresh you more than water with squeezed juice only.

Lemon water
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Make sure to have good lemons

First, you need to get the right lemons. Peel must not be impregnated with various chemical substances. Then you need to wash them thoroughly to remove any impurities or dirt. Cut the lemons in half and squeeze the juice into a glass and pour water in. The water should be lukewarm, because warm water will release nutrients easier.

Best in the morning on an empty stomach

There are many benefits. You should drink this natural cocktail in the morning on an empty stomach and you should do so every day. If you do, your digestion should improve as well as bile activity and your body will have an easier time to get rid of toxins. Another benefit is the increased intake of vitamin C and lemons contain plenty of it. Lemon water can also help you to lose weight. Many weight loss programmes use lemon water frequently.

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