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Growing mushrooms in your garden is a completely different task than growing any other vegetable. However, it may not be so complicated. If you have all the necessary materials, growing organic mushrooms is easier than it may seem at first glance, and the results are fantastic. Mushrooms are low in calories and fat and high in fibre, selenium and potassium and are considered a great health food. So, which species can you grow?

Champignon – which is actually a French word for mushroom, but the Latin name is Agaricus bisporus

You may also know them as common mushrooms. They grow really fast and easy and everyone should start with this one. The best part is that you can grow them indoors all year round.


Mushrooms: Photo Pixabay

Oyster mushroom

You can find this mushroom on dying trees, logs, or you can grow it on a specialized soil. They are very tasty, with a subtle seafood flavour. There are many types of these mushrooms so choose the one that tastes best to you.
Oyster mushroom: Foto by Pixabay


Start growing this delicious, meaty mushroom on cut hardwood logs. In addition to being delicious, they will also boost your immune system and help you lose weight. Ganoderma lucidum

These mushrooms are known for their healing properties. They grow easily outdoors and you can expect high yields.


All parts of these beautiful cone-shaped mushrooms are edible. That is when they are still young. Once they are fully ripe, you can only use the caps because the stipe will be a bit woody. After the first year, you will enjoy a plentiful harvest and meaty texture with nutty, earthy flavour.

Photo: Pixabay


These mushrooms grow on dying tree roots, but you can also grow them on a specialized soil. They are surprisingly rich in taste, and are probably one of the most beneficial mushrooms in the world!

Shiitake: Photo Pixabay 

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