You can grow a pomegranate in our part of the world too


Pomegranate is gaining more and more popularity in our corner of the world and many people are looking for a ways to grow their own pomegranate “at home”. It possible but you must make sure that the tree is not exposed to temperatures lower than 0 °C. This method describes how to grow a bush or small tree from the seed found inside the fruit you bought in a regular store. Here is how to do it.

Seed preparation

Clean the seed from any pulp. You can rinse the seeds in water and then let them sit in the water for a while. Remove them from the water and you may start sowing. Keep in mind that pomegranate is a subtropical to tropical plant and it needs fairly high temperatures – from 25 to 30 °C, especially during germination. If the temperature is lower the germination process is slower too.


As for the soil, choose a light and permeable, neutral soil. Avoid calcareous soil! Pomegranate hates it. If you have a regular soil you can lighten it by adding sand, crushed polystyrene or perlite. Because pomegranate hates frost, plant it in a large container so it can stay outdoor but you can also bring it indoor in autumn and winter. Pomegranate is deciduous, so reduce watering and store it in a darker place during winter.


Photo: Pixabay

Fertilization and care

In winter, all you need to do is water little bit from time to time. When the spring comes, bring the young tree outdoor and put it in a bright spot but try avoiding direct midday sun; partial shade is suitable. Older plants can handle hot sun easily even throughout the day. Water the tree regularly and fertilize as needed.


You can buy pomegranate at any time of the year these days, but you can usually see it around Christmas, when the price is much friendlier. Pomegranate is used to make great drinks, sauces and even various desserts.

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