Why is your Peace lily (Spathiphyllum) not blooming?

Peace lily is a very nice decorative plant. Thanks to its wide fresh green leaves, which can actually clean the air in the room, many people used this plant as a nice green addition in their rooms. But flowers are even more pleasing and you would not mind if your peace lily blooms, right? So, if your peace lily is rather stubborn, the most likely culprit is an improper care.

Peace Lily in a Shade? Yes, But…

Yes, it will grow in shade and maintain its beautiful colour but the florist will not tell you that it will probably not bloom in shady conditions, or very rarely. Spathiphyllum is doing well in a partial shade and about one meter from a window and in rooms facing south, the distance may be longer.

Did you know that peace lily is also called white sails and that there are about 40 species of these plants in the world?

What is the ideal watering process you should apply?

Peace lily hates too much water, but it will not do well in dry conditions either. The soil should be constantly moist, but what is the ideal time for watering? Well, try inserting a wooden pick or skewer two centimetres deep. If it comes out dry and clean, then you may water. If you have a self- watering flower pot, use it. Peace lilies do well in self-watering pots.

SpathiphyllumPhoto: Pixabay

If you can, use soft water that has been sitting for a while, otherwise all kinds of minerals will collect in the substrate over time preventing the roots from getting air, which sooner or later will have a negative effect on the health of the plant.

If You Fertilize, Use Fertilizer with Minerals for Flowers

Do not be fooled by its large leaves. If you want peace lily with flowers you need to use a fertilizer for flowering plants. If you provide too much nitrogen, the plant will use all its energy to form leaves and you will never see any flowers. Fertilize from the beginning of April until the end of October, and try to do it 2-4 times a month. Peace lily does well with ordinary fertilizer sticks but fertilizers which are applied to the leaves are not recommended.

Photo: Pixabay 

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