When to collect sea buckthorn berries

Sea buckthorn berries

Do you have a sea buckthorn shrub in your garden? If you do, you know that sea buckthorn is a great plant to have. Well, if you do not agree, we shall convince you that it really is. Sea buckthorn is often referred to as the plant of the future. It is a shrub that grows to a height of about 2.5 m and produces typical orange berries which are about 7 mm in size. Berries are usually oval or round. Leaves are firm, narrow and long. In the following lines, we shall focus on cultivation, harvesting and the use of sea buckthorn berries.

Few sea buckthorn growing principles

If you want sea buckthorn to produce fruit, you must have both a female and a male plant at home. The female produces fruits and the male grows much more vigorously, but does not have any fruits. One male plant can “handle” up to 7 females. If you can, get a taller sea buckthorn because you have better chance that it will grow successfully and you will enjoy fruits much faster. Sea buckthorn needs permeable and drier soil. Do not provide clay heavy and wet substrates. It loves the sun and it can handle even stronger winds.

Sea buckthorn berries

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When should you harvest?

Harvesting is a rather laborious and lengthy activity but at the same time it could be a great and enjoyable relaxation process. The trick is to know when to harvest these rather sour fruits. The best way is to observe and catch the right ripening time. Once you do that just walk around the bush and keep tasting. The taste must be full and refreshingly sour. You should be able to pluck off berries without crushing them while leaving the stem on it. If the stem remains on the twig, then you will not be able to pluck off berries without crushing them. Berries are collected one by one. Yes, it is a very laborious process and some berries will burst eventually and you will be all sticky and even “bloody” from thorn cuts. You also need to wear glasses to protect your eyes from juice splashes. If the juice gets into your eyes use a Visine like solution to clean your eyes. You may even get angry after a while and start cutting whole twigs…or you may not. Try for yourself.

Sea buckthorn berries

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Sea buckthorn will keep all vitamins no matter what

A great advantage of sea buckthorn is the fact that vitamins in the fruits are not destroyed by heat or other processing. You can freeze berries easily and enjoy all the vitamins in winter. Just a handful a day will provide you with a significant dose of vitamins. The question is whether you can “handle” the taste of sea buckthorn berries because the bitter sour taste may not be for everyone…

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