What mistakes to avoid when growing roses


If we were to find some of the noblest and most romantic flowers, we would probably end up with roses. In fact, beautiful roses are the pride of every gardener, and yes roses are often referred to as the queens of all flowers. Growing roses is not particularly demanding, but they need the right care or they will not flourish. Even though growing is not that hard you should definitely avoid basic mistakes, which unfortunately may prevent gardeners from reaching their goals. Which mistakes? We shall give you the list in this article.

Choose the right variety for your garden

First of all, get to know the variety of roses you intend to grow. Some roses can grow very big and large. Rose bushes may reach gigantic dimensions, others need structures to climb and others only create tiny bushes.There are also species that bloom throughout the entire season while others do not. Beginners should choose cultivars that are not particularly demanding and picky. Also the colour and size of flowers should matter.

Suitable location

Many ordinary flowers will do rather well in most locations and they will reward you with beautiful flowers regardless where you plant them, but roses are different and need at least 6 hours of light and a high-quality permeable substrate. Do not forget enough space – both above and below the ground level. For example, if roots do not have enough room to grow, do not expect your roses to flourish.


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Bad pruning time

Roses should be pruned in autumn and at the beginning of spring. Do not try during the season and do not dare to do that when roses are in bloom, however, there are gardeners who prune climbing roses when they are in bloom but that is because the bushes get too big and wide…Climbing roses must be pruned in autumn and tied during the flowering period. The same applies to delicate tea roses.

Improper care

How well your roses bloom will mainly depend on how well you care for them. Regular watering is absolutely necessary and you should water twice a week and very thoroughly. Use natural fertilizers and fertilize in early spring and early summer. After that, you may use liquid fertilizers every two weeks or so and you should be ok. You also need to check roses frequently and remove any dead, dry or withered flowers. If you do, you fill force roses to produce new flowers. A small reminder. Do not forget the name of the varieties you have planted. It may sound like a trivial reminder, but it happens.

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