Watering and spraying are not identical activities


Temperatures in the month of June climb high and therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to sufficient watering. Some of your plants may even suffer from drought and fade out quickly. But proper watering is an art and shall never be confused with spraying. In this article, we shall explain the difference between watering and spraying.

Watering the garden

There are several basic principles that apply to watering. First of all, you need to remember that lawn and vegetables need the most water because they cannot draw water from the lower soil layers. Medium watering is suitable for fruit trees , which can draw water from the lower layers if needed. Ornamental plants (flowers, shrubs, and trees) need the least amount of water.

Younger plants need a regular supply of water and older plants can deal with longer dry periods.

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Water spraying

Spraying is a type of watering and it is usually done with hoses or sprayers. However, this type of watering is definitely not suitable for all types of plants. Spraying is even harmful to some plants, especially those that need to keep their leaves dry. Therefore, use spraying only in the part of your garden where there are plants that can deal with spraying. Many gardeners use spraying to make their work easier, but do not realize that this type of watering may not be good for some plants and may not even provide sufficient amount of water. This is especially true in hot days when you waste a large amount of water due to spraying.

Watering versus spraying

When you spray, you use cold water on all plants, while proper watering is more targeted . We always water only one plant, and preferably aim at its roots. Spraying is done from above and cold water falls on all plants. For example, spraying is definitely not good for tomatoes. Although it is possible to water plants to some extent by spraying, you should know that this is not a thorough watering and some plants may even suffer from drought.

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