Wasps attacking plums – a nightmare any gardener needs to address


A garden full of wasps is a nightmare for any of us. They are dangerous not only for humans, but they may also negatively affect your harvest or they can completely destroy it. The myth that wasps can only get into fruits which do not have a solid skin is no longer believed. Wasps love everything that is sweet and smells good. A typical example in this regard are plums. Wasps can get into plums very easily.

Wasps attack fruits on the ground but also on trees

Wasps are mostly attracted by wasps fruits that have fallen from trees. They are usually very soft and ooze sweet juice. Wasps love it and literally feast on fallen fruits. But they can also get into plums that are still on the tree and still have very firm pulp. Often this fruit is not even ripe. Unfortunately, the same applies to grape wine. The fruits get soft and form dimples, which attract ants or ladybugs and it all looks disgusting. You can still use it for plum brandy, mainly if you harvested in time, but we all agree that we must fight wasps. So, how shall we do that?

PlumsPhoto Radek Štěpán

Old gardener’s advice and experiment

Many people try all sorts of natural tricks. For example, a bottle of juice mixed with a little vinegar is something we all tried. This treatment works in the spring, when wasps still did not start building their nests. Also bottles with diluted beer are used. Wasps get into the bottle, fall down and drown. Some people use garlic because the strong aroma of garlic is known to repel insects. We even read that an artificial nest made of crumpled paper and hung on tree scares the wasps away. Wasps should fear foreign swarms…

Wasps on a plum: Photo Radek Štěpán

Chemicals in action

You are certainly aware of glue boards. If you want to get rid of a wasp’s nest, use the so-called wasp fire extinguisher. You will not regret it. The range is around 2 to 3 meters and you will get rid of wasps quickly and efficiently.

Photo Radek Štěpán

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