Vole (field mouse) repellent plants


The field vole (Microtus arvalis) is a tiny animal that resembles a mouse. Unlike mouse, however, vole does not eat meat at all. On one hand it does good things to your garden because it can destroy a lot of leaves and stems of weeds, but on the other hand, it also enjoys the plants and veggies we grow. It eats parts of plants that are just above the soil and you can find it almost everywhere in Europe.


It is better to focus on prevention now, rather than on elimination later. This includes keeping your garden tidy and organized – remove any fallen leaves, fruits, old compost, corners with wild growth and other places where the vole may find a shelter . If you want to get rid of voles or scare them from entering your garden, be nice to animals that eat voles – for example hedgehogs or grass snakes.

Garden snake habitat

A snake habitat works little bit like a composter, but it also contains biological compost that you would not put in regular compost. It is designed to attract snakes and other useful animals , which will then help you get rid of mice and voles and other rodents.


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Which plants may repel voles?

If you already have voles in your garden and you have decided to be humane, then snake habitat and poisons are probably out of the question, but keep in mind that getting rid of voles, gnaws and moles is not easy. What worked once may not work later and rodents may return. Traditional recipes say that getting rid of rodents should include planting certain types of plants that repel them. These include spurge, yarrow, tagetes, amaranth and garlic . These should repel these pests to a certain degree.

Aromatic substances

Some gardeners swear that aromatic substances or acoustic repellents work well. You can create these devices from old PET bottles, cans, twigs or rags impregnated with kerosene. Aromatic substances that should repel voles also include strongly fermented cottage cheese, dog droppings, dog hair, cigarette butts and hair.

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