Using sugar in your garden


Consuming too much sugar is dangerous as it initiates unhealthy processes in our body: it leads to obesity, increases cholesterol, destroys tooth enamel, causes acne, etc. But if you use it in your garden, it is entirely different story. Sugar is food for important bacteria and that is why sugar is used in homemade fertilizers. Sugar may also help you indirectly to scare pests away. Sprinkle sugar where you have pests or dissolve it in water and water your plants with it. Sugar will promote the development of bacteria which will eliminate pests.

Sugar and flowers

Sugar also promotes flower growth. If you want your plants to produce beautiful flowers, you can use sugar. Dissolve little sugar in water and pour it over them. You may add yeast too. Yeast will provide additional nutrients.

Sugar and cut flowers

Unfortunately, cut flowers fade away very quicky, at best after few days. If you have a bouquet of cut flowers, you can extend its life with sugar. Another thing is that you should not place cut flowers near bananas, because bananas produce methane when they ripen and methane accelerates flowering. Add a teaspoon of sugar to the jar with cut flowers and they will last longer.


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Sugar and bees

Sugar is not what attracts bees to your garden, but sugar is food for bees – if they cannot find “a real food from flowers” they will go for sugar. Have you ever seen a bee sitting on a grass or another surface and refuses to fly away? Well, bees get tired too and if they run out of steam they land and wait.. To help bees pour a few drops of water with sugar near, or you can put sugar water in a container near by. Make sure it is not deep! Bees will love you, eat it and built the needed strength.

Fly trap

You want bees in your garden but you do not want flies. Especially, when you are dining outside. Unfortunately, it is not easy to get rid of flies in the summer. Try using sugar to make flytraps. Flies love a sweet treat and will be much less interested in your food or drink. Pour sugar water in small containers and place them around.

Sweet poison?

Mix sugar with poison and use it as an ant trap. If you do this you must take appropriate measures to protect your children or pets. Do not use this trap near places where children play.

Sugar as a stain remover

Sugar paste can be useful if you want to clean your dirty hands after intensive work in the garden. Use granulated sugar and mix it with a little water to make a paste. You can also remove grass or clay stains from clothes .


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