Using cut grass as mulch pays off

grass mulch

Each garden usually has a large lawn. If you are taking care of your lawn and cut it regularly, there is not much to worry about. But what should you do with all the cut grass? Well, use cut grass for mulching because it is an excellent opiton. Let us explain where grass mulch can be used and where it can help you. There are many options.

Grass mulching?

It does not matter whether you have freshly cut grass or a dried grass because both can be used very effectively as mulch. You may use it for example on flower beds around tomatoes or around other useful plants. Use it also in flowerpots or containers. Another option is to use grass mulch for common grapevines. Put the grass mulch around the plants or where you do not want weed, because mulch is very good in preventing weeds from growing. Further, when you water your plants mulch will keep the water where it needs to be and prevent it from splashing around.

How to prepare your veggie patch properly

Are you trying to prepare your flower or veggie patch for sowing and do you want to get rid of all the various grasses and weeds? Try this simple solution – you will not need a roundup at all. Cover the surface of the veggie patch or flower bed with a thick layer of grass mulch and within few weeks nothing will grow on it. Mulch can be easily removed with a rake and you have a weed-free surface and you may even plough the grass mulch directly into the flowerbed.

Compost and grass mulch

Are you afraid to put grass in a compost? There is no need to worry. Just make sure that you put a layer of clay between grass mulch, smaller twigs or food leftovers and you will create a great compost humus , which you can use in your garden without any issues. You may want to sift the humus first though. Your crops will love it and reward you with a better harvest. No fertilization needed.

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