Truly unbelievable potatoes

We all know that potatoes are the very foundation of many cuisines all over the world. But this great crop is not just for eating. Today, would like to tell you about few non-traditional uses of potatoes and we do not mean consumption or kitchen stuff of any kind. Here are few things you may not know about potatoes.

How to get your fingers clean

For example, you have worked a lot with carrots, beets, or peeled nuts and your hands may be stained because of it. You have probably tried to wash and scrub your hands with a regular soap. Well, try wiping them with a slice of raw potato and you might be surprised.

Too much salt in your soup?

It could happen of course. You just used too much salt in your soup and now your soup is very salty. You may think that you have ruined the soup forever, but you may be wrong.

Put few sliced potatoes in the soup and as soon as they start to soften – after about 10 minutes, pull them out. Potatoes will “suck in” the excess salt and you can use them later. For example for a cold potato salad.


Photo: Radek Štěpán

Silverware and perfect shine

Did your precious silver cutlery lose the perfect silver shine over the years? Potatoes may help. Boil few potatoes with their skins until they are soft, remove them from the water and use them for whatever you want…You need the water.

Now, put the silverware in the water where you boiled potatoes and leave it there for about an hour. After that take the silverware out and wash and polish. You should be able to restore the perfect shine.

Are your ski goggles fogging up?

Are you going on a skiing trip? Well, before you go learn a simple trick that will keep your ski goggles from fogging up. It is simple. Wipe the glass with a sliced raw potato before you go and the glass will not fog up.


Photo: Pixabay

What about eye swelling?

Did you wake up with puffy eyes?Well, you need few slices of a raw potato. Put cold slices of raw potato on the swollen area and leave it on for a few minutes. That should take care of the swollen parts.

Do you want to speed up the growth of your geraniums?

Experienced geranium growers love potatoes when it comes to geraniums. Raw potatoes can provide the necessary nutrients geraniums need for growth and development. Take a raw piece of potato, make a hole in it and put a piece of geranium through the hole. Now, plant the assembly in soil and let it grow. You should have a healthy and strong geranium with plenty of flowers.

Preview photo: Pixabay

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