Tomatoes and eggplants only grow at night? Myth or truth?


You may have read in many gardening magazines interesting information saying that tomatoes and eggplants only grow at night. Well this information is more of a factoid than a serious information nevertheless, let us take a look at this issue in more detail because it is definitely worth of examining. Maybe we can come up with other interesting theories, but do not be afraid. We will not force you to warm-up these plants during night like some of these “advices” tell you…

Biology says that it is not possible

Yes, some sources really say that tomatoes should actually be warmed at night because they grow during night. Yes, they do but obviously they also grow during the day. After all, seedlings turn towards the warmth, especially in dark rooms, because if they did not follow the warm they would simply grow straight up. Due to the actual growth, the plant bends, which is a clear evidence that it is actually growing, even during the day of course. On the other hand, lower night temperatures can stimulate tomatoes and eggplants to produce flowers.

eggplantsPhoto: Pixabay

Nightshade plants

Nightshade plants belong the aubergine family which includes tomatoes and eggplants. German use the term naschschatten which has the same meaning. But what is behind this term? Well, most likely a very poisonous plant (Atropa bella-donna) also known as deadly nightshade. This plant grows outside gardens but also in places where we plant our crops.


Photo: Pixabay

Occultism has no place in botany

That is right. Even though certain plants of the aubergine family are dangerous and have been talked about in connection with occultism, apparently for no reason, the entire family of aubergines is seen as shadow plants. Some people actually began to think that plants like tomatoes and eggplants only actually grow or live at night, like witches or something. That is not true…

Photo: Pixabay

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