The most popular chemicals to get rid of weeds

Getting rid of weeds is often a real challenge. Deep roots, inaccessibility, or the presence of other useful plants often make weeds a stubborn enemy. However, removing weeds may be easier provided that you have the right weapons. Right now, we do not mean chemical sprays that are often harmful to nature. Weeds can sometimes be eliminated successfully using home-made “ weapons”. How? Well, you can use a home-made sprays. And how to make them? Read on and you shall find out.

Vodka – the basis for your solutions

Weeds with very long roots may be eliminated with a solution made from vodka and water.Use 2 tablespoons of vodka and 2 cups of water. Mix everything well and pour it into an atomizer. Spray the weeds well to dehydrate them.

Common salt

You can achieve sufficient level of dehydration through the use of salt too. Or you may sprinkle salt directly on the weeds or dilute it in water.


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Vinegar as a natural herbicide

Using vinegar is a common practice in many households. It has been scientifically proven that a 5 % to 10 % solution of vinegar can kill weeds within the first two weeks after weeds emerge from the soil. 80% to 100% vinegar can kill any weeds. But be aware that this will often not be a long-term solution. Therefore, choose vinegar containing at least 6.25% acetic and ethanoic acid. Just for your information, regular table vinegar contains around 5% of acetic acid.


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Hot water

Another option is use hot water. It works particularly well for inaccessible places. Hot water can also eliminate weeds in small gaps between paving stones or in thin cracks. To achieve best results, repeat this process several times. You do not need to worry because this process is very environment-friendly.

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