Strawberries are growing strong but beware of nasty pests

Nasty pets

Can’t wait for the first succulent strawberries from your own garden? We understand, because the ones from the supermarket taste literally like nothing and if you take good care of your strawberries the harvest should be good. However, you should not forget to protect strawberries during ripening and harvesting, as you are well aware, certain animals love strawberries too. It seems that some animals have the same taste buds as humans… So, what can threaten your harvest and what should you do to protect it? We shall give you some tips in the following lines.

Birds, birds, birds

Certain birds love strawberries and the most common species include thrushes, starlings or blackbirds. These birds have tiny and sharp beaks and making holes in your strawberries is not a problem for them. The good news is that to protect your strawberries from these birds is rather easy. Cover the strawberry bed with a net through which the birds cannot get, and this should discourage them. For example if you have an older window curtain you can use it – in an emergency as these will not last long A cat is usually a good option, that is if your cat is around when the raid occurs. You may also try making a “scaring” device using an ordinary plastic bottle and if done correctly and if it makes enough noise, birds will be discouraged.

Nasty pets
Photo: Radek Štěpán


Snails are among the most feared strawberry destroyers. Unfortunately, these little creatures can easily get anywhere, and if they do, your strawberries will look anything but pretty. As for snails and various slugs, you can use broken eggshells or leftovers from a fireplace for example, to make it difficult for them to get to your strawberries, because they will have a rather hard time crawling over coal and broken eggshells. Of course, there are chemicals in the form of small granules that you can use and they will destroy slugs quickly.

Nasty petsPhoto: Pixabay


Mice eat anything including sweet strawberries but during the summer, they usually find enough food elsewhere and should leave your strawberries alone.

Nasty petsPhoto: Pixabay


Ants can also destroy strawberries. When they settle and live around your strawberry plants, your harvest will not be pretty that’s for sure. Try to sprinkle some cloves around or use an ant trap to get rid of them.

Nasty petsPhoto: Pixabay

Pill woodlice, leg pebbles, pill bugs or whatever name they go by

In general, Armadillidium can also enjoy strawberries and they usually do so at night. But they will not cause a large damage as they rather feed on the remains of organic matter, and there should be enough of organic matter everywhere…

Nasty petsPhoto: Pixabay

Preview photo: Radek Štěpán

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