Sometimes you attract rodents to your garden without even knowing it


No one wants to see rodents running around in garden or even worse, inside the house, right? Everyone try to avoid these creatures, but sometimes “repelling” effort may not work. There are certain times when voles, mice, all kinds of rodents and other creatures, seem to attack your garden. And you, unknowingly of course, may be inviting them to come in. Everyone can make these mistakes. We shall tell you about it the following lines.

Neglected maintenance of your garden

Let us start with that. If do not like grass mowing, lawn raking and have the tendency to postpone all the necessary maintenance work, you are literally luring these creatures to visit your garden. People often leave uncut grass around fences and let weeds grow in many places. Well, it is a pain in the butt to pull out a string mower every time to finish trimming, right? However, various rodents love these little “abandoned” places. They keep digging and building their nests there and then go on exploratory journeys in your garden. Fallen fruit around trees and bushes is a paradise for voles, for example. Thorough cleaning of rotting fruits should be a must for every gardener.


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Leftover food from the barbecue

Grilling and barbecuing is a great social event of course, but if you leave food, meat or bread leftovers on the ground, rodents will eventually find them and will remember the spot and later may “invite” the rest of their family to the feast…


Photo: Pixabay

Space around composter

You need to clean the space around your composter properly. If you do not, you can expect a lot of mice sooner or later. You also need to turn over the composter from time to time. This will disturb any nests that may be hidden inside. Rodents love dry grass areas and they love building nests there and then you have a composter full of unwanted visitors.

Ornamental plant bulbs

Protect plant bulbs with suitable plastic bags or other packaging. Rodents tend to look for bulbs and if they find them they often return to feast on them. An ordinary plastic bottle is a good protection container.

Lastly, keep an eye on various holes, corridors, molehills and other areas where rodents are usually found, and destroy them.

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