Sheathed woodtuft,(Kuehneromyces mutabilis) a delicious mushroom that you can collect now

Have you already gone mushroom picking this year? If not, you should try now and look for an interesting mushroom called sheathed woodtuft. It is not a well-known mushroom but it is a delicacy that you should not miss. If you never heard of this mushroom, you have come to the right place, because we shall introduce this delicacy in more detail.

Interesting name

The sheathed woodtuft is name for a fungus that grows on tree stumps. In addition to decaying deciduous trees you may also find it on trunks that have already fallen on the ground. Many advanced mushroom pickers love this particular fungus, but there are many different species which also grow on decaying of fallen wood.

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When can you see sheathed woodtuft?

Kuehneromyces mutabilis grows in bunches on “dead” wood so, you can look for it from June until late autumn, but sometimes you can find it even in May. It depends on the weather of course.

Typical features

The sheathed woodtuft has a cinnamon-brown hat, which becomes lighter in the middle as it becomes drier, but the edge remains honey brown. The stipe has a typical ring, whose lower part is dark brown. When ripe, it displays a rust-like colour, which is caused by spore dust. Sheathed woodtuftis typical for its wonderful aroma.

MushroomPhoto: commons.wikimedia

Easy to confuse

If you want to go sheathed woodtuft hunting you need to know your prey well because it may be easily mistaken for a deadly poisonous mushroom called (Galerina marginata). Yes, it is deadly poisonous because it contains a toxic substance called amanitin. However, this deadly mushroom grows on coniferous trees and it does not have the typical mushroom aroma.

MushroomPhoto: commons.wikimedia

You can do wonders with sheathed woodtuft in the kitchen

You can use it in many ways in the kitchen.People usually use pileuses but the stipes are also excellent, especially as mushroom seasoning.

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