Schipperke as a guard for your garden?


These little dogs are very curious, inquisitive and smart. They love children and will not let anyone to step on your property. This is how we can characterize schipperkes, which are related to foxes and jackals and come from Belgium.

According to the official FCI classification schipperkes are classified as herding and shepherding breeds, but they are also great for guarding. Schipperkes are great for active families and those of you who expect their companions to be around for 12 or even 13 years.

They resemble the spitz – but without a tail

Schipperkes were very popular in Belgium and the Belgians gave it this particular name, which literally means a small boatman. It had something to do with a rat hunting which they apparently did very well while staying on ships. For the same reason they were often kept in stables, where they dealt with various unwelcomed rodents.

However, their kind and friendly nature, combined with acute awareness made them great candidates for other tasks. And get this! They were also famous companions of kings, for example Willem van Oranje and many others. Willem’s life was supposedly saved by two female schipperkes as they alert him of intruders who were about to assassinate him!

Is schipperke right for you?

If you are active, love long walks and are willing to take your canine companion for long runs from time to time, then schipperke is the right dog for you. They love children… but mainly children from their own “herd” and it will defend children against other intruders.

Schipperkes will not like it in the garden all year round. They are active and will get bored. They also don’t like winters so, be prepared to take your dog indoors if needed. You should also know that these dogs can be rather noisy and that they look somewhat unconventional – they don’t have a tail. Puppies are usually born without it and those born with a tail get it docked off.

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