Satureja should be part of any herb garden


Who would not know satureja? This spice with a rather strong aroma has a sharp taste and it is also used as a medicine. For example, satureja is part of a Provencal space mix and it is also used directly on vegetables, cold cuts or and in many other dishes. It can lower your blood pressure and offers many other benefits. Growing is not demanding at all. So let us introduce satureja in more detail and show you how to grow it properly.

Both annual and perennial

Satureja, (Satureia), is an annual or perennial plant. When grown, it creates a small compact shrub which is woody at the bottom. From a botanical point of view, satureja belongs to Lamiaceae family, commonly known as deatnettle or sage . Leaves and the plant have a typical scent. Flowers grow in the form of whorls and are white, sometimes almost violet. The plant begins to bloom in July and continues to bloom all summer long. The most common species are the common satureja and mountain satureja.

saturejaPhoto: Pixabay

Selecting the proper location for satureja

Satureja loves the sun and therefore you should choose a south-facing flowerbed or a location where the sun shines as long as possible. It will pay off. As for the soil, loamy base will do fine. However, mountain satureja requires more permeable soil. Flower boxes must be equipped with a drainage layer. If you planted in a flowerbed, you may use straw or twigs to give your plants additional protection.

Growing and propagating satureja

If you want to boost growth, bet on compost. Satureja hates cow manure. Watering must be regular. If you want to enjoy harvest earlier, make sure the plant is in an environment where the temperature ranges from 15 and 20 degrees Celsius . Pests do not really like satureja, so you do not need to worry much. As for propagation, satureja germinates for about 2 weeks after sowing. The perennial type multiplies by self-sowing and other varieties are propagated by the top cuttings.

Photo: Pixabay

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