Rosa cannina, commonly known as rosehip or dog rose and its benefits


Now is the right time to go rosehip picking. Well, the schools ask your children to do the picking every year but you do not have to collect them only for your children. You should collect and stock up these little fruits for yourself too. September is the best month for picking but you can still find quality fruits that are not too soft and overripe at the beginning of October. Plus you will appreciate the fresh air and the nature while doing so. Right? Rosehips are collected for many purposes and we shall demonstrate that in the following lines.

Traditional rosehip tea

Tea made from rosehips is probably the most popular rosehip product. There is nothing complicated about making tea from rosehips. Simply immerse a handful of rosehips in a litre of cold water and leave them soak for several hours. When you want to make a hot tea, just heat the mixture. Use a sieve to drain the mixture and enjoy the great taste. You may even pour water over rosehips two or three more times. The following infusions tend to be even better.

rosehipPhoto: Pixabay

Great rosehip syrup

To prepare rosehip syrup, you need 0.5 kg of rosehips. They can even be frozen. Boil them thoroughly and strain the extract through a cloth. Add 0.5 kg of sugar, or other sweetener and you are almost done. Mix everything well and pour the mixture into bottles. If you store the syrup in a cold room it will last a quite long time. You can use it to sweeten your tea for example.


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Rosehips marmalade

Do you like sweet spread on your bread? Then make a rosehip marmalade. You will need 1 kg of rosehips, 600 grams of sugar and water. First, clean rosehips thoroughly and boil them until soft. Pass them through a sieve. Boil the strained mixture again and mix it with sugar. Then boil everything again until it thickens. Pour the marmalade into glasses, turn them upside down and you are done. The taste is unmistakable and great.

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