Red and green bananas – interesting and unusual fruit


We can see rarities like that especially around Christmas, but sometimes you can find them all year round in well-stuckor special fruit and vegetable stores. This year many of us saw red bananas rightnext to green bananas and many of us saw them as unripe and unattractive.

Let us take a look at what kinds of bananas are sold in stores and what they can be used for.

You can make chips from green bananas

Consumers preferences seem to be clear. They want bananas that are ripe just enough. Neither green nor bright yellow.This is the official statement of fruit and vegetable suppliers. But if some bananas look “too” green to you, try checking whether the label says “plantains.”

If the word plantains is on the label you are looking at the so-called vegetable bananas and you need to cook them in order to turn starches in the bananas into sugars. Well, you can eat them raw too, but they taste much better baked or fried.

BananasPhoto: Pixabay

You can make banana chips from plantains. It is simple. Cut plantains into rounds several millilitres thick and coat them with a mix of your favourite spices. For example salt, pepper, ginger and cayenne pepper – all should be crushed and well mixed. Now you fry them in an oil and enjoy.

Red bananas can be scary…

Red bananas will certainly get your attention thanks to their small size and purple skin. If red bananas are too ripe the purple colour looks suspicious – unappetizing and almost ”poisonous”. But thatis the right time when they are most delicious – the flesh resembles raspberries. In general, red bananas are sweeter than yellow bananas. Unfortunately, red bananas do not handle shipping well. They spoil quickly so, if the good pieces make it, they are usually sold for a very high price.

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