Raw been are toxic to little children


It is a crop that we do not expect to be toxic, right? Dried legumes of various kinds are crops that we used to play with when we were children. You know the Cinderella stuff, or when we wanted to imitate our mothers’ cooking.

But there are various types a legumes. Some are tricky. So, if you think of beans and peas as in the popular fairytale you should think twice. They can turn into beasts, that is if you are a small child.

Three beans are enough

Yes, three beans are enough if eaten by toddlers as small children at this age like to put everything in their mouths. We are all aware of small objects as they represent as suffocation hazard for small children as they can easily clog up small airways. But if a small child swallows the “bad” beans you may have a problem.


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Unfortunately, you cannot wait for the beans to come out naturally . Raw beans contain toxic substances that can cause serious health complications in small children. And as mentioned earlier, three dry beans are enough for small children.

What are the intoxication symptoms?

The first symptoms appear about two to three hours after consumption in they may include cramps, diarrhoea and vomiting. All these symptoms leads to dehydration, which can turn into a dangerous shock – in the worst case. If you suspect bean poisoning, you should contact emergency medical service immediately to prevent serious complications.

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