Planting strawberries in August is a good idea


How does your strawberry section in your garden look like? Do you see an overgrown and bushy plants everywhere because you didn’t have time to care for them? No problem. Now is the time to propagate strawberries. If you plant early, late or everbearing strawberries now, you can be almost certain to have a great harvest next year. In the following lines, we shall tell you where and how to plant strawberries properly.

Sunny place with enough humus

The ideal place for strawberries is a place with enough sunlight. The soil should be slightly acidic, rich in humus and lighter or medium heavy. Do not be cheap on compost. Enough compost will support the creation of humus which strawberries need. Also choose a place where you have not grown strawberries in previous years. By selecting a different location, you will prevent strawberry diseases from spreading. You may use a piece of land where you have grown vegetables or potatoes in previous years.


Photo: Radek Štěpán

How to plant a strawberries properly

Planting depth is important. Seedling should be covered with soil in the same way as they were in the pot, but make sure that the crown of the seedling is above the ground level. Spacing between individual plants depends on the specific variety. Each variety is different, but in general spacing between 30 and 35 cm is recommended. Rows should be 50 to 70 cm apart. Good watering is important and the water should reach the roots. Not just around… One watering pot for one seedling should be enough.


Photo: Radek Štěpán

Landscape fabrics are recommended

Non-woven black fabrics are great to prevent spread of weeds and to protect the fruits from dirt. The area around the plant will be warmer, especially in the spring. The disadvantage of fabrics is that they harden the soil rather quickly. This will not happen if you use straw or mulch for example. So, if you use landscape fabric it is necessary to remove the fabric and properly loosen the soil at the beginning of the season. Strawberries can also be grown together with other vegetables such as garlic, onions or leeks.


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Preview photo: Radek Štěpán

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