Parlour palm (Chamaedorea elegans) – a beautiful and elegant palm tree available in many sizes

The parlour palm is a plant that certainly attracts attention, mainly thanks to lush green leaves. It comes from Mexico and Guatemala. It is very often sold as a small plant or as a cluster of several small plants. Even though it comes from a hot climate it is a plant that grows well in our conditions too. It looks great and it also cleanses the air! We mentioned that it is a rather small plant, but given enough time it can grow to a respectable size, but do not worry. It grows very slowly.

Choose a suitable spot

The parlour palm needs a bright spot, but not direct sunlight, as it can burn leaves. Little shadow should not be a problem. A good idea is to transplant the plant into a larger pot and you should do that during spring: Once every three yearsis sufficient. Like many plants, parlour palm plant does not like drafts, so keep that in mind when choosing the spot. The ideal temperature for growth should range from 18 to 24 °C and it should never fall below 10 °C.

Palm tree

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Water regularly during growing season and avoid the leaves. Aim at the roots. You should water when the top layer (few centimetres of the topsoil) is dry, and as usual, you should limit watering during winter. You can spray leaves with water several times a week. Use a fine mist atomizer. Moisture should prevent leave tips from drying. Use a suitable flowerpot that has drainage holes and create a drainage layer at the bottom of the flowerpot. Use pebbles, expanded clay or coarse gravel.


You may fertilize once a month, especially during the growing season (spring and summer). Liquid fertilizer is preferable.


Some leaves may turn brown, whiter and die. Unfortunately, that happens sometimes. If that is the case you should cut off all leaves – just above the soil. If you notice dust on leaves, take a damp cloth and wipe the dust off. You can also use a lukewarm shower or you may take the plant outside (when the temperature is warm) and let the warm rain clean the plant.


The easiest way to multiply parlour palm is to divide it. When the pot becomes small, you may transplant it into a larger pot, or you may divide it into several pots. If your palm blooms and produces seeds, you can use sow them and multiply your plants. If you do, make sure that the temperature is around 27°C. Seeds need very warm environment to germinate, but they can be very stubborn and sometimes, they refuse to germinate no matter what you do. Division is the way to go.


Preview photo: Pexels

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