Oxalic acid and our body

Oxalic acid

Oxalic acid does not harm a healthy body and can even be beneficial, however, people begin to pay attention to oxalic acid only when it starts doing harm. What processes in our body is oxalic acid responsible for and which foods contain the most of it?

Oxalic acid is an organic acid, which is sometimes called a crab acid. Its technical name is ethanedioic acid. It occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables and without it our body would be virtually unable to absorb calcium in body tissues. Oxalic acid is excreted by urine, but excess amounts of oxalic acid can collect in joints or kidneys and cause problems.

Oxalic acid comes in two forms

Oxalic acid in its natural form is found virtually in every fruit and vegetable and the more chlorophyll the fruit contains the more oxalic acid it contains. So, when you eat leafy vegetables, such as: spinach, cabbage, lettuce, green mustard or turnips you get the most of it, but for example strawberries or rhubarb, also contain large amounts of oxalic acid.

Oxalic acid

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Uncooked vegetables contain organic oxalic acid, while boiled or baked vegetables only contain inorganic acid, which can cause problems.

Oxalic acid and calcium absorption

Organic or “alive” oxalic acid can significantly improve and speed up calcium absorption. It partially dissolves calcium and at the same time stimulates desirable peristaltic processes in the body.

Latest studies show that inorganic oxalic acidcan block the absorption of calcium, but even worse, it can collect in the liver, kidneys and joints. Oxalic acid crystals then prevent smooth movement and cause rheumatism, liver problems, kidney colic or “just” mild stomach pains. An effective method how to remove deposited oxalic acid is through body detoxification followed by diet modification, which must be rich in organic oxalic acid and must contain much less inorganic acid.

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