Onion is not for cooking only


When someone speaks about onions everyone imagines the typical yellowish crop. No need for introduction as it is an important part of thousands of recipes around the world. Anyone who grows vegetables in general also must grow onions. There are many types of onions you can use but not every onion is good for all recipes. There are slight differences. We should also mention that onions not only taste great, but also have beneficial medicinal properties. So, what are the universal uses of onions?

Natural antibiotic

Onions, just like garlic, are natural antibiotics. This is because they can kill with various germs – thanks to their disinfectant, antibacterial and antiviral effects. But that is not all. Onions also contain fibre and other compounds that have positive effects on our digestion. Healing effects of onions were well known already in the Middle Ages. There is another benefit though. Onions are easy to grow, so no wander that onions gained huge popularity.

Onions on your plate

You may have heard that if you cut an onion and put it on a plate and let it evaporate during flu epidemics and inhale its vapours, you will avoid colds and flu. Well, yes this is indeed true. This is good news for those who cannot eat onions directly for some reason. Onion vapours are not pleasant for some of us but neither for various harmful organisms, so if you want to stay healthy, you know what to do.


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Consuming this miraculous crop…

At the beginning, we should say that as any vegetable, onions will lose a good part of their remedial properties if cooked. So, you must consume onions fresh… If you do, you will get a plethora of vitamin C, sodium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and potassium. Onions are also great for people with high blood pressure, high blood sugar or for those who suffer from intestinal parasites and finally, onions can relieve respiratory problems too.

External uses of onions

Probably the best known ability of onions is to relieve discomfort associated with insect stings (including wasp and bee stings). Onion juice indeed works well in these cases. But you can also use onion juice in the form of a tincture and treat constipation or other digestive problems. Sore throat is another area where onion juice works well. Mix one part of onion juice with the same amount of honey and take a teaspoonful three times a day. You will notice a relief shortly. No need to spend money on commercial sore throat tablets, pastilles or other not-so-natural stuff.

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