Nut canning procedure and other tips


The simple truth is that nuts stored in your pantry, or anywhere else, will not last forever. And it does not matter what container you choose for storage. Once they begin to turn yellow and bitter, they are not good for consumption. Not even for birds! Compost is the only place where they should go.

Can you prevent or at least significantly slow down the deterioration? We shall show you tricks that will help you to keep nuts tasty for several years. This will work for walnuts, hazelnuts or any other nuts.

”Canning” in a microwave – dry method

When we think of canning, we probably think of some fruit or perhaps pepper, tomato or vegetable mixtures. But you can use this method for nuts as well. Make sure to have glass jars (used for pickles) or perhaps glass containers used for expensive pâtés which have the clip-on or screw-on lids.

Wash and dry the glass containers well. You may also put them in a hot oven for half an hour. But watch out! You will need gloves to handle the hot glass. An important reminder. Do not forget to clean the lids too! Pour shelled and clean nuts into the sterilized jars. Simple like that. You do not need any other ingredients.

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And now you are going to use your microwave. Set it to maximum power and insert the jars. We recommend inserting one at a time to make sure the whole process really works as it should. Set the timer to 90 seconds and quickly remove the jars, cover them and store them upside down on a kitchen towel. Once they cool down and “retract”, store them in a dark pantry room. When you open the glass you will be surprised how fresh they are!

Other tricks and tips

You can store nuts in a freezer. This option is also preferred by those who do not want store dry food for long time because dry foods attract moths. These evil butterflies love nuts. If you prefer short-term storage , store nuts in vacuum jars sealed with wax lids and you will extend the shelf life significantly.

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