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Everyone likes to have or grow, for that matter, beautiful roses at home. These romantic flowers look great, smell great and simply put, they can create the perfect mood… Growing roses is not complicated but there are few don’ts that you should avoid. One of the most important things is the environment. Many flowers or crops appreciate mulch so you may be thinking that mulch bark should be ok for rouses too…but no. Mulch is not ok. There are several reasons and we shall take a look at the three main ones.

Decomposing substances can actually harm roses

The first reason why you should not use mulch bark is the fact that decomposing substances are not exactly good for roses.

Insufficient hygiene

The second reason is quite straightforward. A flower bed that is covered with bark does not give you much space to perform hygienic maintenance. Roses are quite susceptible to various diseases such as black spot or rose rust (Phragmidium mucronatum). These germs live on leaves. They also overwinter on leaves and then spread further. In autumn, remove dead leaves and those that are near – if the flower bed is covered with mulch, it is more difficult to follow these steps.

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Disappearing bark

When you add a substrate around stems as a winter protection, the bark layer will gradually disappear and that is not what you want.

Mulch bark can be used sparingly, but…

You may use a mulching bark that is intended for roses only. This mulch is a very fine and it is produced by crushing larger pieces of mulching bark. If you want to use a regular mulch bark, let it dry for some time to make sure that it does not contain germs.

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