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What herb can you find in almost every garden? Mint? Yes, you guessed right. Mint literally grows out of water and if you just let it be it can take over a huge space. Thanks to its multifunctional use it is grown all over the world. It is used to treat digestive problems and it is also a part of many foods and dishes. But mint can be used in other ways too. How? Well, we shall tell you in the following article.

Antiseptic effects of mint

Mint is valued for its antiseptic effects and it is widely used to remove bacteria living in the mouth. It has a wonderful and refreshing aroma that eliminates bad breath. It is often used as a chewing gum replacement, and of course many chewing gums are mint-flavoured. If you want to use it as a chewing gum replacement just chew a leaf or two and your breath will be fresh and minty.

Clears the airways

Mint is a great helper if you want to open your airways. Asthmatics use mint often. It is also an excellent natural remedy for common colds and bronchitis. Mint may be inhaled, but also mint tea prepared from fresh or dried leaves will help you breathe.

Mint reduces acne and other skin issues

We have already mentioned the antiseptic properties of mint and that they work internally but they also work externally. Mint is used to suppress symptoms of acne and other skin problems. And if you have been stung by an insect, mint will reduce the pain too.

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Pain relief

Unfortunately, pain is a part of life and some of us deal with pain every day. If you are an individual who needs to alleviate paint regularly, try using mint. For example, it works very well for menstrual and muscle pain relief. Rub your forehead or the affected spot with a mint oil before going to the bed and you should be able to relax.

Natural antihistamine

Mint also suppresses histamine and reduces allergic reactions. You should definitely try it.

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Interesting facts about mint

It is widely claimed that mint can reduce the level of stress and nervousness. Unfortunately, we all have to deal with certain level stress these days and we all can use a little help. Mint has also positive effect on judgment and memory. An interesting fact is that you do not need to grow mint from a seeds. Just dig and cut a bit and your are done. We recommend growing mint in a container to make sure that mint will not take over your garden.

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