Lilies that should be grown in a flower pot


Lilies are beautiful plants that look especially great in garden. But it is also possible to grow them in a flowerpot. This is mainly done to be able to grow more types of lilies. For example, those varieties that are not frost-resistant as these cannot be grown outdoors. If your grow these in flowerpots, you can still put them outside for the summer and take them back home for the winter. Some species are rather tall and may not be able to withstand stronger winds, but again, if they are in flowerpots you can move them inside if the weather is too windy.

Philippine lily

Lilium Philippinense, commonly known as the Benguet lily, is one of those plants that cannot deal with frost and cannot be in your garden. It is a beautiful species that attracts attention thanks to its unusual stem shape. The flower is usually white, sometimes with a slight greenish tinge and spreads a mild and nice fragrance. The basic requirements you need to observe include sufficient light, warm temperature and regular watering. You need to winterize the plant before the weather gets too cold – put it in a cool room and reduce watering to a minimum, and keep it like that until spring. As soon as the days get longer and the temperature rises, you can place the container in a warmer room – even on the balcony, or in the garden – after mid May.


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Lily formosanum

Another lily that does not like cold. This species is found in the south of China and Taiwan and that is why it is not frost-resistant either. But if you grow it in a flower pot you can enjoy it and grow it. Flowers are usually whitish inside and the outside blends into dark red. The stem is brown. Flowers have an unusual tubular shape and produce a nice fragrance. As with the Benguet lily, this one needs to be winterized in the same way.

Lily beschislennolistnoy

This long name belongs to a lily that comes from the southern regions of China. It can reach a height of up to 180 cm. This is another lily that cannot deal with frost so, you have to grow it in a flower pot. Because it is so tall be very careful when handling the plant. Flowers are large, white on the edges, but yellow on the inside, decorated with intricate veins. Winterize as the two previous species.

Royal lily

Another frost-hating flower is the royal lily. This flower produces an unusually strong scent and it comes from southwest China. Flowers are white and funnel-shaped with yellow spots inside. Petals are interwoven with pink and purple veins. Although this plant is listed as not resistant to frost, some sources say that it can be grown outdoors but only in areas with mild winters.


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