Indoor cypress instead of a Christmas tree?

Indoor cypress

You can buy indoor cypress everywhere during Christmas. This charming, fresh green trees are usually sold in small pots and are covered with artificial snow or other decorations. Vendors present them as a cheaper and undemanding alternative to a Christmas tree or simply as a durable room decoration.

But are they right? Unfortunately, the answer is not as simple as it may seem. Let us take a closer look at the benefits of indoor cypress growing.

Cypress – a native of California

It should go without saying that you should always buy a “clean” cypress trees, i.e. that is without decorations and artificial snow glued to it.Cypress tree needs the sun (although direct sunlight is not good either) and decorations reduce exposure to sunlight.

Indoor cypress

Photo: Pixabay

Long life in a pot

If you want to plant live Christmas trees such as hemlocks, pines, etc., you should not keep them at room temperature for more than a week. Cypresses can be kept at room temperature three times longer, but do not overdo it. Cypresses like cooler temperatures – around 15 °C and even 7 °C during the winter (roughly from January to March).

Cyprus will prosper even at higher temperatures, but it will not be happy. Edges of twigs may dry out and the crown will be emptier. It also needs moderate watering and regular fertilizing. Use a fertilizer designed for conifers and water once per month outside the wintering period. But as any plant it does not like to be completely dry…so just do not forget about watering completely…

You will not need scissors at all

Cypress smells wonderful and if you like its natural shape you do not need to bother with pruning at all. But if you want to prune it, go ahead It will be happy with any shape – a ball growing on a thin log or a wind-torn natural shape, or whatever. As for the shape, the sky is the limit.

Preview photo: Pixabay


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