How to preserve pumpkin in perfect condition for many months

So, do you have plenty of pumpkins in your garden and wonder how to prepare your family members for the fact that they will be eating pumpkins every day? We shall tell you how to store pumpkins so you can use them when you feel like it and not because you have to. You will use your cellar or the freezer.

Pumpkins contain plenty of valuable substances and are great in salty and sweet dishes. As for spices, pumpkins go well with fennel, cinnamon and nutmeg so, do not be afraid of spices.

Pumpkins mainly need spacing and the right temperature

Yes, they need space but they do not need to be two meters away from each other, but they shouldn’t not be touching either. The right temperature ranges between 10 and 15 °C, and of course, stored pumpkins must not be damaged in any way. Even a broken stem can cause problems.


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Pumpkin cubes freezing

Other storage methods are not complicated either. Wash the pumpkin, take the flesh out, and cut it into cubes. You should freeze cubes separately. This will allow you to take smaller portions and you will not need to break individual cubes apart. Place the cubes on a suitable tray and wrap them in food wrap to prevent them from drying. Freeze them and then put them into a suitable bag or box that fits your portion requirements. Use as needed and you don’t need to thaw them in advance.

A little pumpkin purée trick

You can also boil pumpkins and blend the flesh with a small amount of water to make a fine purée. And how to get rid of the unwanted water? Let the purée drain in the fridge. Pour the mix into a strainer, put it in a pot or bowl and let it sit in the fridge overnight. The next day you can freeze the puree in an ice cube tray for example. Remove the cubes and put them in a suitable bag or container. Now you have easy-to-use portions for salty and sweet dishes – and you do not have to thaw the purée before use either.

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