How to peel kiwi or avocado using a simple trick


Avocado and kiwi should be definitely included in your diet. Some of you may say that preparing these fruits often takes too long. No wonder that during these busy times many of us leave it in the fridge instead of reaping their benefits.

Today we shall show you a little trick, so you can save the time needed for preparation andjust enjoy these fruits. You won’t need any sophisticated tools to do the trick – just one ordinary glass and two minutes of your time.

How to peel kiwi easily

Let’s start with this hairy fruit, sometimes also called the Chinese gooseberry. Kiwi is loaded with vitamin C and other beneficial substances, especially enzymes, and thanks to our trick you can get them easily. Wash the fruit well and cut it in half. Cut out the hard part where the stem is. You won’t eat it anyway, and it would only make peeling harder.


Photo: Pixabay

Now take a glass that has roughly the same diameter as the fruit you want to peel. Place the half of the fruit against its edge so that it easily passes between the skin and the soft pulp. Now, lightly press down to separate the skin and the pulp. The half will slip into your glass and the peel – with minimal pulp left will fall into your hand and you can throw it away.

In addition, all the valuable juice is still in the fruit as you did not squeeze it much, so it will taste and look great in a fruit salad or on desserts.

How to peel an avocado easily and quickly

To peel avocado easily you will proceed almost in the same way as with kiwi. The only thing you have to do in advance is to remove the round stone. It’s easy. Just stick a knife into it, turn it slightly to release it, and take it out. Now you do the trick with the glass again. When finished you should have a perfectly clean half of avocado in your hand. No dirty cutting board, knife or hands. This trick is great for soft fruits, which make a big mess if you try to peel them in the old fashioned way.

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