How to maintain a beautiful lawn during dry weather


Did you notice that the temperature outside has been attacking the 30 degrees Celsius mark these days? The reality in Central Europe, but also in many other European countries, is that summers are getting drier and warmer. This year is no different. Even the Ministry of the Environment got involved and has recommended a reduction in lawn mowing activities. Even simple things like that can have a positive effect on the environment, including the presence of various types of insects and greenery. So, how should you take care of your lawn and make sure that it looks good even during an extreme drought?

Do not get too crazy

That’s right. Stop pampering your lawn too much. If you do, your lawn will have a harder time to adapt to changing conditions. Regular watering may not be good for the long run. When grass and plants fight for moisture, they force roots to go deeper and become more resistant. Deeper roots allow plants to survive longer periods of drought.
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Keep checking weather forecast and outside temperatures

Keep in mind that the less you mow your lawn, the less moisture is needed. It is ideal to follow the weather forecast. You should stop mowing your lawn as soon as the temperature exceeds 26° C. Try mowing in the morning or in the evening. If you can, do it before rain. If the weather forecast predicts rain take out the lawnmower and run it over the lawn. Grass will heal much better, your lawn will gradually thicken and will look nicer.

Sharpen blades before cutting

The ideal height for mowing is 5 cm or more.Make sure your mower is properly adjusted and fitted with sharp blades. Frayed or unclean cuts look bad and heal longer. Check blades before each mowing. You may also use robotic mowers. They are very popular these day and will save you time and money…

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