How can you tell the real aloe vera from the fake one?

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is known for having many positive effects on our body and mind and it is used by manufacturers of beauty and medicinal products frequently. The history of aloe vera dates back to the ancient Egypt, but also to China and India.

Some scientists consider the Nile basin the original homeland of the true aloe (Aloe vera, syn. Aloe barbadensis) but other claim that due to the thousand-year old tradition it is not possible to determine its true origin, and the fact that there are over 600 types of aloe vera and new types are constantly added to the list, does not help.

Aloe vera or aloe arborescens?

Due to the huge number of varieties, not everything that is sold under the name aloe vera is the true aloe vera. You can easily confuse this medicinal plant with its lesser known relative Aloe arborescens (tree aloe). The differences are small, practically unimportant, and you probably would not want to have the real aloe vera on your windowsill anyway because it can reach a huge size.

” The fake” Aloe arborescens will serve your needs much better , and make no mistake, it also has many medicinal effects, and even if the concentration of active substances is slightly lower it should not be the reason for rejection.

Aloe vera

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So, how should you choose the right aloe vera when the true one may not be the right choice? Well, next time you see aloe in a flower shop, most likely you will not see the “real” aloe but don’t blame the seller.

If you really want to have the real “healing treasure” at home, you need to go to a specialist. There are certain greenhouses that specialize in aloe vera and these experts can tell the true aloe vera from its lesser-known relatives but still, many species of aloe can only be distinguished when they are in bloom and this is almost impossible indoors.

Aloe vera and cancer?

But not all of us may actually appreciate aloe vera.Aloe vera juice taken internally can really upset the digestive tract of some people . Get this. In 2016, aloe vera was even suspected of having cancer-causing effects and this applied leaf extracts and internal use but even suspicion like this did not have much negative effect on aloe vera.

And one last bit of advice.Check out your favourite aloe beauty products you have been using all this time . What does it say?Aloe extract? Nothing else? Well, you could be sure that you have not been using the real aloe vera because if your products contain the real aloe vera the manufacturer would specify that in bold letters on the packaging. So, your “aloe extract” most certainly came from another of the more than 600 species grown around the world. Especially, on African or Asian plantations.

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