How can you tell that whip cream in fridge is still useable?

Whip cream

Fridge is great but even fridge cannot guarantee that your food will remain fresh for ever… If you have fully stocked shelves with “stuff” and an open can of whipped cream in the corner, you can easily forget it and the cream will go bad eventually. Can you do something about it?

Many nutritionists, and of course your common sense, would tell you to throw it away because you never know but many of us remember cream stored in cellars of our great-great-grandmothers and all was ok…

How can you be sure that the old cream deserves a second chance?

You do not want to waste food, but at the same time, you do not want to endanger your health, right? Well, it is rather easy. Check the following sings and you should know. The first clue is the shape of the cup. A swollen lid means a serious problem and you should definitely throw it in the trash. If the can or cup looks ok, focus on the aroma (must be still creamy). Check for yellow remains of dried cream on the edges of the cup (no yellow stuff at all or just very little).

Whip cream

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If everything is fine then you do the taste test. Standard or unsuspicious taste means that everything is fine and you can use it as regular cream. Slightly sour taste means that the cream must undergo a heat treatment in order to be used and if you get a bitter taste (even a hint of bitterness), it means that you cannot use the cream.

Freezing helps a lot

It may sound strange in Europe, but in countries where temperatures are high all year round (such as Australia), freezing “everything” is quite common. If you freeze the cream quickly (and will not leave it in the freezer for more than six months), it will be as fresh as new when you thaw it. You can even whip it, but make sure to start slowly. Unfortunately, some lower-quality creams may form small lumps after whipping, even if the taste is fine. Try individual product brands before freezing.

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