How can you make sure that your fruit trees will be produce more fruit the next year ? You have a great chance to try – on Christmas Eve

Ancient wisdom of our ancestors has proven to be true and valid many times. Take for example the flu or cold. We treat them in the same way as our grandmothers did, and many of us feel strong that there is not a better cure.

So, why not following the ancient wisdom during the Christmas holidays? People observe many interesting customs but unfortunately, many of them are almost forgotten now. One of such customs concerns your garden and you should at least try it this year – it is about the fertility of fruit trees. Who knows, maybe next year your old apple tree will up the “production” or your apricots will survive the dreaded spring frosts…

Bones from Christmas Eve fish are said to have magical powers

Many people in Europe enjoy carp for Christmas Eve dinner. It is a traditional dish and when prepared with the right herbs and with love, it is simply irresistible. People put carp scales under plates and in their wallets to make sure that luck and money stays with them for the next year.


Photo: Pixabay

And now the carp’s bones, with magical powers. When you finish your dinner collect bones and bury them under your fruit trees and they should produce more fruit in the next year… easy, right?

Another interesting Christmas custom is walnut boat sailing

This is not the only custom that is getting forgotten, and we all know these little boats made of walnut shelves are becoming a thing of the pastDo you know why people let the boats sail in a large bowl or kitchen sink? Well, some of you know for sure. Whose boat gets the farthest from the others or manages to swim across the entire sink, gets to see the world. That is the owner of the boat…

People also observe whose boat candle would go out first and whose last . The one that lasts the longest predicts for the owner a long and happy life and good health. On the other hand, the owner of the candle which go out first – you guess what may happen to this unfortunate guy…

Preview photo: Pixabay

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