Hard avocado? No problem. A tip how to make it soft.


Buying avocados in supermarkets is little bit like a lottery. If you see avocados that look nice at first glance, there is a good chance that they will be unripe or overripe. Many people opt for the harder ones and hope that it will ripen in room temperature.

Unfortunately, this may or may not work. Often avocados begin to rot at the bottom and after a while you must throw them in the trash. But what should you do if you need to prepare an avocado spread or cream immediately and have no time to wait? Well, oven is the answer.

Baking makes avocado soft

So, if you come across a hard avocado put it in your basket (unless, you find a better one, of course). Wash it well, dry it… and wrap it in an aluminium foil. Shiny side in. Place it on a baking sheet or on another suitable pan and bake it.


Photo: Pixabay

Heat the oven to 90 °C. No more. If your oven has a hot air option, do not use it. When hot, put the avocado in and “bake” mode for 10 minutes only. However, we recommend checking the softness gradually. As soon as it feels soft, take it out. Don’t wait.

Unwrap it and serve it. You can now use it as a fully ripe fruit. And it will be also as tasty as fully ripe fruit. Try it.

Did you actually bake it?

Lovers of raw and fresh food you do not need to fear. It is not really baked. There is a chemical reaction that uses ethylene. Ethylene is released by ripening fruit naturally and the heat and foil wrap further enhance the ripening effect. It almost sounds like a miracle but indeed, a real change is happening inside the fruit. So, now made a fully ripe avocado and may use it immediately for a spread or for another favourite dish.

Preview photo: Pixabay

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