Growing eucalyptus indoors is easy


Eucalyptus is one of the plants that is better known by its scientific name rather than by various folks names. Different countries call it differently but only a few people know that eucalyptus is the large tree that koalas love so much. The tallest trees can grow up to 100 meters high! Of course, these are not the “indoor” varieties that we are going to talk about, namely the Eucalyptus citriodora and Eucalyptus gunnii.

Why you should have an eucalyptus tree in your apartment?

Most varieties come from Australia, which is also the home of koala bears that are directly associated with eucalyptus.Humans do not eat eucalyptus trees but we can still benefit from the essential oils they contain. These oils repel mosquitoes and promote good functioning of the respiratory system, and last but not least, eucalyptus is simply a wonderful indoor plant which will make you happy for a long time.


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Enough light – but watch out for direct sunlight

When choosing a location for eucalyptus you should keep in mind two conditions. Firstly, there are different sizes. Some grow only thirty centimetres high, others can easily be over one meter tall so, you should choose a spot based on the height. Secondly, eucalyptus loves light, but hates direct sunlight. Go figure! So again, choose a spot which meets the two conditions. If you can move eucalyptus to your garden or at least to a balcony during the summer, do it.

Watering and soil

Water the plant regularly, but let it rest in winter – limit watering. Soil should be sandy and permeable. Also watch for low temperatures. Eucalyptus will not be able to tolerate temperatures below eight degrees of Celsius, so you need to protect it from cold, and finally, eucalyptus is an ideal plant for the interior or winter garden.

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