Grow your own lemon tree from seeds. Do not worry, it is easy

Many people buy an already grow lemon trees because they want their own homegrown lemons. Yes, it is a rather safe bet, but it may be expensive so, if you want to experiment a bit, you should consider another option. Remove the seeds from the fruit you have and used them to grow your own lemon tree. Lemon trees grown from seeds (stones) can bear fruit! The first thing is to select healthy seeds – not shrunk or dried out. Only healthy seeds will do.


Plant seeds in a regular soil. If you do not want or do not have time to plant them immediately after you removed them from the fruit you need to keep them well moist. Bowl of water will do. Seeds must never dry out. Put the soil in the pot and water until it drips from the bottom. Plant seeds 1 to 1.5 cm deep. Lemons seeds (as any seeds) need light, warmth and moisture so, place the flower pot in a suitable spot and keep the soil moist.


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How to maintain moisture

If you are not sure how to maintain moisture properly and constantly, you can create a greenhouse environment. Cover the flower pot with a transparent foil or a bag. Do not forget to punch few holes in the bag. This way you create a perfect environment for seed germination. In about two weeks, seeds should begin to germinate. Once they do, you should start removing the foil (gradually), to make sure that the plant adapts to the surrounding environment. Maintain sufficient light and warmth to maintain a steady growth.

What about fruit?

A lemon tree is a beautiful plant even without fruits, but if you want to grow your own fruits, you will have to graft it. Grafting is possible after five years. You can get scions from growers who already have fruiting plants – some even offer scions online, so you may do a little searching. Once you have a scion, cut your tree to 30cm. Make a vertical incision in the centre of the trunk and insert the scion in the cut. Wrap with a special grafting tape. You can also use grafting wax. Now, you just wait and see how your tree gets stronger and starts bearing fruits.


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