Ginger: Grow an endless supply easily


Ginger is a very useful plant. It can help you to fight the first signs of cold and it is also used during pregnancy or stomach problems. A good idea is to have ginger handy and ready at all times. It should not be difficult because you can by it in many stores. But what if you do not have any, you get sick and all shops are closed? Well that is when your own homegrown ginger supply comes really handy!

Where can you get fruit suitable for planting?

Well, basically anywhere. You can plant a piece of store-bought ginger, but a better option is to buy ginger seeds or seedlings from a garden store. If you cannot get your hands on seeds or seedlings, just use the ginger you bought in store. First, soak it in water overnight to get rid of the solution ginger is soaked in before being sold to prevent it from sprouting. Here germination is your friend…


Choose a wider flowerpot because ginger tends to grow wider. It is a tropical plant so you need to grow it indoors (from mid-May to mid-September. When there is no risk of freezing temperatures you can put it outside). Put a small piece of ginger (seeds or seedlings) in the ground and cover it with 3 to 5 centimetres of soil and water it.. Ginger does not need a direct sunlight or too much light, but what it really needs is warmth and moistureSo, make sure to water it regularly.

GingerPhoto: Pixabay

Sprouting and harvesting

Ginger needs a rather long time before you can actually see a green bud above the surface. It takes several weeks. After three to four months you can start harvesting small pieces of ginger – scoop out the soil, cut off a small piece of the root and put it back again in the soil and cover it. You need to wait for your first big harvest for about ten months.

Ginger always at your fingertips

This way you will always have ginger ready. Cut small pieces from the root to make it last, or another approach is to harvest most of the root and only leave small rhizomes. These will grow into harvestable plants again after about ten months. Ginger is excellent as medicinal tea, but also in a variety of dishes. It adds the typical zest to the taste.

Photo: Pixabay

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