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Do these little creatures scare you? Do you feel like screaming when they jump out of a hidden place or corner? Do you? You probably hate their webs too but did you know that our grandmothers perceived spiders in house as a sign of a good luck? If you still disagree, we shall tell you few tips how to get rid of them.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of spider invasion you have to face because our method will help you to get rid of any spiders efficiently. Guaranteed.


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Use strong scents

You do not need to go far to get help. You just need to “visit” the mother nature and get a specific scent as your weapon. Scents that spiders do not like include lemon for example, and the application is very simple. Take a lemon wedge and rub it on door frames and windowsills or on places where spiders most often gather or enter the house. Don’t worry, lemon will not leave any stains and spiders will avoid these places for two to three weeks. After that you need to repeat the process again.

Vinegar works similarly, but always dilute it with water, and to be safe, do not use it on surfaces that may get damaged. Another scent that works is peppermint oil. Use it, but again dilute it with water, pour it into a sprayer and apply as above.

In addition, peppermint leaves a pleasant aroma in the room and it will help you to relieve stress and put you back in a good and creative mood. Peppermint oil treatment will last about a week longer than lemon and vinegar.

Chestnuts and acorns

Spiders usually start searching for their new home before the autumn approaches. So, you should be prepared and apply these measures in advance. Another weapon you may try includes chestnuts and acorns. Place several of them on windowsills and in corners where spiders most often hang out and they will avoid these areas. This is again because of the unpleasant smell of chestnuts and acorns. We don’t smell it but spiders do. If you are artistic, you may create various decorations from chestnuts. This prevention works for a long time and you only need to remove it in spring.

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