Fried Christmas carp – how to reduce the smell


Frying carp on Christmas Eve is simply a big part of Christmas, and it is usually followed by a thorough ventilation to get rid of the frying smell. Would you like to try something different this year? Frying carp in oil does not necessarily need to be a smelly thing. That is if you use our simple trick.

This trick does not only help you to get rid of the smell, it also helps you to keep your fish juicy and the triple breading wrap crispier.

Raw potato kills the smell

When you are ready to fry the carp, do not forget one important detail – a raw potato or two, depending on how many fish you have. Cut potatoes into thicker slices and put the slices in the hot oil together with the carp. The pieces will absorb the unpleasant smell and protect your kitchen. However, do not forget to remove brown potato slices – do not let them burn.

You can also use another trick to prevent frying oil from burning. Put raw carrot rings in the oil and this should solve the burning issue, and just like with potatoes, do not forget to change the carrot rings frequently.


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When carp smells too fishy

Yes, it happens often and many of us do not like it at all but can you do something about it? Wash the carp in salty water and then sprinkle it with lemon juice and let it sit for an hour. Another trick that works well is a milk bath. Put the carp in the milk bath overnight, rinse in the morning and use it as usual.

How to make a really crispy breading wrap

Once you finished frying the carp pieces put them in a heated oven before serving. They will become extra crispy. If you want to make it even better, put a piece of butter on them and quickly “bake” the pieces for five minutes. You have just made the best crispy breading ever.

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