Fox trap – how to set it properly


A fox is a real pain for many small poultry breeders and it is no surprise that breeders want to scare foxes away and in doing so, they are willing to try many tricks. If you don’t want to shoot a fox, you may try to capture it.

However, if you are an inexperienced in “fox trapping”, chances are that you will make a lot of mistakes. So, which are the most common mistakes?

Fox trap is too visible

The trap must be hidden properly and placed where the fox appears most often. Don’t rely on guesswork, but follow footsteps for example and put the surprise trap directly in its way. It must be discreet but believable – that’s what you should go for. Do not forget to make paths leading to the trap. This makes it easier for the fox to believe that it is something it should not be afraid of.

Use the right bait

Bait is the most important thing, yet many of us often use a bait that fox will not go for…If you think that poultry meat is the best, then most likely you will fail. Fish is a little better but what about dried fruit? You would never guess. And what type of dried fruit you should get? Apricots or plums are great, for example.


Photo: Pixabay

Drive the fox far enough

If you are successful and catch a fox (it may take several days), don’t forget thatfoxes are really smart animals and they will return to their original territory even from a far away. So, load the trap and drive at least ten kilometres away from your home. The farther the better. Ten or more kilometres should be enough and fox should never come back to your house…

Another method for animal lovers

Purchasing a trap may be quite expensive, and success cannot be guaranteed.Try scaring the fox. Anything with a human scent will scare it. You may use old clothes or hair that you collect in the bathroom, etc. If you decide to use human stuff, you need to change it quite often. The last resort is to try various chemical repellents and there are many on the market available.

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